Personalisation - Things to Remember

Personalisation - Things to Remember

Character Limits

Each of our pieces has it's own character limit, tried and tested here by us. The reason that we add these limits is that the more characters (letters, spaces and punctuation) that you add to a piece, the smaller the text becomes. Whilst these messages can still be engraved, If you are looking for easily legible, bold and beautiful - please keep our recommendations in mind when placing your order. 

An example of this is as follows:

Our recommended character limits on our discs are 20 characters per side. 

The image on the left is the full bible verse. Whilst incredibly meaningful for the customer, it will only be able to be read using a jewellers loupe or magnifying glass. These type of engravings are often known as "secret messages" as they are not easily read by the naked eye.

The image on the right holds the same sentiment to the wearer, but sticks within our recommended limits. This leads it to be easily read by the naked eye. 

How to best format engraving requests

The simplest answer here is to give us as much detail as you possibly can so we can imagine how you are visualising your engraving to be set out. The use of brackets here is very helpful for any instructions that you might have.

A good example of an engraving request for the image on the right, above:

(Front, All Font 32, Centred) 2 Corinthians (New Line, Centre) 4:16-18

A not quite so great example of an engraving request for the image on the right, above:

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Whilst it tells me what you would like to be engraved, it does not let me know how you see it in your mind, or what font you would like. This means it could potentially be engraved like this

It has the same sentiment, but you might be disappointed in my vision of your engraving as it would not be in the font style that you wanted and would be laid out in a different way. As we do engrave messages exactly as they are left in the personalisation box, please keep this in mind. 

Custom Personalisation Requests

We are more than happy to engrave in your own handwriting. There is a fee for us to do this if we need to process your image, but if you are able to do it yourself then we can do this for you at no extra cost. For other languages, I regret we are currently only able to support the Roman Alphabet in our offered fonts. We are happy to engrave in other languages if they are handwritten so there are no mistakes in translation when engraving.